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December 2016 Student Spotlight

Amputee Gait Clinic 2

Name: Joseph Terrill

Program: Fresno State University

Graduation Date: May 2018

What is/are your favorite service events and why?

My favorite service events are those that allow me to practice my clinical skills, as this presents a real opportunity to affect someone’s life for the better. The deep sense of satisfaction that comes from helping someone to overcome a challenge, perhaps even accomplish something they were unable to do on their own, is second to none.

Power Wheelchair Soccer

Has service helped you grow as a person or clinician? If so, how?

Each service event I have participated in has allowed me to interact with people with a wide array of physical challenges, and to do so in a variety of settings. I have been able to gain insights as to how each person’s respective situation presents challenges not only them, but also to myself as a clinician. It has encouraged me to continue to expand my mindset and not limit myself or my patients with preconceived limitations.

Amputee Gait Clinic

Why is service important to you?

I believe that there is no greater thing we can do than to help one another. It is a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and the benefits gained from it – personal growth, professional development, closer ties with the community, and an emotional boost, just to name a few – are priceless.

PT Day of Service

Anything else you want to add?

I would just like to encourage everyone to become involved in a service event, if they are not already. All it costs is the time you put into it, and what you get out of it is worth so much more.


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