CA Outreach Challenge

Physical Therapy Students Impacting their Community!

Competitor standings

PT/PTA Programs:

Total hoursTotal students
1San Diego State UniversityDPT383.25162
2Chapman UniversityDPT111.00189
3CSU Long BeachDPT89.0046
4West Coast UniversityDPT42.00194
5University of St. AugustineDPT32.0047
6San Diego Mesa CollegePTA15.5037
7Western UniversityDPT13.0031
American Career CollegePTA0.001
Mount Saint Mary\'s University0.001
Loma Linda University (DPT)DPT0.002
University of the PacificDPT0.006
Mount Saint Mary's UniversityDPT0.0021
Cerritos CollegePTA0.001
CBD CollegeDPT0.006
CSU NorthridgeDPT0.001
Sacramento City CollegePTA0.002
CSU FresnoDPT0.0064
Azusa PacificDPT0.0013
Samuel Merritt UniversityDPT0.002
Mount Saint Mary0.008
University of Southern CaliforniaDPT0.00207
College of the SequoiasPTA0.001

PT/PTA Students:

StandingNameSPT/SPTACollege/UniversityTotal hours
1Taylor MoggSPTChapman University25.00
2Robyn BurschSPTSan Diego State University18.50
3MeganSPTCSU Long Beach17.50
4Nicole ReichenbergerSPTSan Diego State University17.00
5LordeasSPTCSU Long Beach16.50
5EliseSPTChapman University16.50
6JenniferSPTSan Diego State University16.00
7Rhoda BeaSPTUniversity of St. Augustine15.00
8Kyle GunningSPTSan Diego State University12.00
8AngelaSPTChapman University12.00
9Sarah SnyderSPTASan Diego Mesa College11.50
9AndrewSPTSan Diego State University11.50
10JilianSPTSan Diego State University11.00
10DanaeSPTSan Diego State University11.00
10RachelSPTCSU Long Beach11.00
11TaylorSPTCSU Long Beach10.50
12Alina WrightSPTSan Diego State University10.00
12Cory BarellaSPTChapman University10.00
12NinaSPTSan Diego State University10.00
12TaylorSPTSan Diego State University10.00
12Nicholas Van HoornSPTSan Diego State University10.00
13Rebecca YangSPTCSU Long Beach9.50
14Scott BealeSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14Caitlin SkogSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14Sam FalkenbergSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14AlexandraSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14NatalieSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14MelissaSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14BessSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14TimothySPTChapman University9.00
14SoleilSPTWestern University9.00
14ChadSPTSan Diego State University9.00
14Michaela DennySPTSan Diego State University9.00
15Gabriella TroggioSPTChapman University8.50
15HannahSPTSan Diego State University8.50
16JojoSPTCSU Long Beach8.00
16JosephSPTSan Diego State University8.00
16Justin DeGuiaSPTChapman University8.00
16Anna HandSPTSan Diego State University8.00
16Colleen O'ConnorSPTSan Diego State University8.00
16Rachel JalanivichSPTSan Diego State University8.00
16AlexandraSPTSan Diego State University8.00
17DianaSPTCSU Long Beach7.50
18SaraSPTSan Diego State University7.25
19Roxanne MuellerSPTUniversity of St. Augustine7.00
19GordonSPTSan Diego State University7.00
19DanielSPTSan Diego State University7.00
19NicoleSPTSan Diego State University7.00
19DanielleSPTSan Diego State University7.00
20TristenSPTSan Diego State University6.50
21LindseySPTSan Diego State University6.00
21Brianna WardSPTSan Diego State University6.00
21Jimmy MocSPTChapman University6.00
21Kelsey CooperSPTSan Diego State University6.00
21Elena VenableSPTSan Diego State University6.00
21TonySPTSan Diego State University6.00
22Run-Hong ThomasSPTWest Coast University5.50
22CindySPTWest Coast University5.50
22EmmanuelSPTWest Coast University5.50
22CannonSPTWest Coast University5.50
22James AubreySPTChapman University5.50
23SayakaSPTWest Coast University5.00
23Amanda OrrSPTUniversity of St. Augustine5.00
23GrantSPTWest Coast University5.00
23Abraham LaminSPTWest Coast University5.00
23TiffanySPTWest Coast University5.00
23Cameron troppleSPTChapman University5.00
23Kori YamasakiSPTChapman University5.00
23JonathanSPTCSU Long Beach5.00
23Jayme LeeSPTSan Diego State University5.00
23Lily SeynaeveSPTSan Diego State University5.00
24Albert Gamez Jr.SPTSan Diego State University4.50
25AngelaSPTASan Diego Mesa College4.00
25Leah O'ReillySPTSan Diego State University4.00
25DerekSPTSan Diego State University4.00
25CelineSPTSan Diego State University4.00
25RandiSPTWestern University4.00
26SaraSPTCSU Long Beach3.50
26AshleighSPTSan Diego State University3.50
26SageSPTSan Diego State University3.50
27Rachel QuanSPTSan Diego State University3.00
28Giovanna GallardoSPTSan Diego State University2.50
28KiaraSPTUniversity of St. Augustine2.50
28AaronSPTUniversity of St. Augustine2.50
28samantha ramosSPTSan Diego State University2.50
28JessicaSPTSan Diego State University2.50
29KimbySPTSan Diego State University1.00
30FranchescaSPTChapman University0.50
Jennifer VenegasSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Rebecca LehmannSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Ellie WakerSPTAUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
GabbySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Fabiana SPTWest Coast University0.00
Amanda VolkSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Gabby BlanchetteSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
EmilySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Marissa HensleySPTWest Coast University0.00
Ashley WallaceSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Frances TranSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Katrina PatchettSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
HollySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Ethan HuntSPTWest Coast University0.00
Casey WallerSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jeremy YeeSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Abraham AvilaSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Stephen SchwartzSPTWest Coast University0.00
Philip do NascimentoSPTWest Coast University0.00
Edward YacynychSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Hanna OlsonSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Alison DelNegroSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Sarah BuschmannSPTWest Coast University0.00
Melanie BraundSPTWest Coast University0.00
Amanda YamaguchiSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Rachelle SalongaSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Molly DelostrinoSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
John BeldSPTWest Coast University0.00
Katrina GuskiSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Chen YangSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Arek KourouyanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Melody Au-YeungSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
BeccaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Todd PorterSPTWest Coast University0.00
Michael YoshinagaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Vivian LeeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Hy IaSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
AndreSPTWest Coast University0.00
Danielle PeraSPTWest Coast University0.00
Benjamin YuSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Alex HarringtonSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Arthur BrandenburgSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Alan TranSPTWest Coast University0.00
Shui YuSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
MariahSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Caitlin KenagySPTWestern University0.00
SamSPTWest Coast University0.00
Peter ZhuSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Lauren StollSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Ian LesserSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Melanie NiinoSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Fletcher ZumbushSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Rianna AlcantaraSPTWestern University0.00
Edith MontemayorSPTUniversity of the Pacific0.00
ClarissaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kimberly TakaokaSPTWestern University0.00
Jessica McAleeSPTWest Coast University0.00
Alison HeartmanSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Stephanie BrannonSPTWestern University0.00
Joseph TerrillSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Christine LazaroSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Rachel KlasSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
KristaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Cate McPhersonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Martha SandovalSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Melody Au-YeungSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Malia LauerSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Shavel YangSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Stacey OharaSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
RachelSPTWest Coast University0.00
Caitlin SegelkeSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Vanessa RollinsSPTAAmerican Career College0.00
Daphne ChiaoSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
JoshuaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Leslie ReeveSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jenny RossSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Alison BrockSPTUniversity of the Pacific0.00
BrennaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Erin RudanSPTWest Coast University0.00
Katie RuizSPTWest Coast University0.00
Courtney ShuttsSPTSan Diego State University0.00
MORGAN MCALEESESPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
ShelbySPTWest Coast University0.00
Sarah RueggSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Elise FosterSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
AnahidSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Luke PhillipsSPTWest Coast University0.00
Janet PalattaoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
MarisaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jenice de QuintoSPTWest Coast University0.00
Rex BrunnerSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Eric NublaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Johanna IsaacSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Caroline DanlinSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jacqueline DagostinoSPTWest Coast University0.00
Alejandra HernandezSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Lorena HeidrichSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Lindsey RodriguezSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Amanda SeveranceSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
KristyneSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Santos QuirozSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Cara KahmSPTWest Coast University0.00
Nicole KendrickSPTWest Coast University0.00
An D. LuongSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
CarlySPTWest Coast University0.00
Narek MazmanyanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kane DinsaySPTACBD College0.00
Sean PourniaSPTWest Coast University0.00
NicoleSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Travis PrangeSPTWest Coast University0.00
Ryan FukunagaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jared LyonsSPTWest Coast University0.00
Duke KrautimSPTWest Coast University0.00
Tessa RichardsSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Alexa PerroneSPTWest Coast University0.00
JakeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Christopher DuCraySPTWest Coast University0.00
Ariel GarnicaSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Alexandra DillonSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Mary Pent HunterSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
ValeriaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jennifer GoulartSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jen SakauyeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Haley ScottSPTChapman University0.00
KathrynSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessica ChenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Steven UngSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
CeciliaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kristen BachmannSPTWest Coast University0.00
Alyssa AndersenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Lauren MitchellSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Andrew LeSPTCSU Fresno0.00
David RuelasSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Karly ArrouesSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
LindsaySPTWest Coast University0.00
Nicholas CaoSPTACBD College0.00
Mami TakedaSPTCSU Fresno0.00
ClarissaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Geraldine SadekSPTACBD College0.00
Mercedes DobsonSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Hayden BaldwinSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jane KimSPTACBD College0.00
Deniz HighSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Nikki-RaeSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Bryant KoopmansSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Ashley JohnsonSPTACBD College0.00
oliviaSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Katrina ToomanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessica WagnerSPTSan Diego State University0.00
AvonleaSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Meagan ChowSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Keely AhroldSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
BrandonSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Lauryn BeecherSPTMount Saint Mary0.00
kevin wynneSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Katy SchneiderSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
KevinSPTWest Coast University0.00
Tiffany MoriSPTMount Saint Mary0.00
Josh TatsunoSPTChapman University0.00
Arthur ArabyanSPTACBD College0.00
Katelyn SullivanSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Kelly GearheartSPTSan Diego Mesa College0.00
Talar KazanjianSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
KylieSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Christine OvanesianSPTWest Coast University0.00
Brandon CirboSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Janki PatelSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Lindsay FandrichSPTLoma Linda University (DPT)0.00
JennaSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Jade SanoSPTMount Saint Mary0.00
Caroline YeagerSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Veronica YeeSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
NarbehSPTWest Coast University0.00
Briana AikinsSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kelley UrionaguenaSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Isaac Auyeung SPTMount Saint Mary0.00
Cecilia HuangSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Thaison TranSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Jessica AnaSPTChapman University0.00
Cristi MagraciaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Randy StuckSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
McKenna MacKintoshSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Federico RagazzonSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Ethan QuinnellSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jed AbelloSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Chelsea FraserSPTWest Coast University0.00
Arti PatelSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
charles vaterSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Toni LimSPTMount Saint Mary0.00
Samantha HuiSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessica SantanaSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
colleenSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Isaac AuyeungSPTMount Saint Mary0.00
Darlene VillatuyaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kaylie MurakamiSPTChapman University0.00
Duke NguyenSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kelsey SextonSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
LuciaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Alexis ReidSPTWest Coast University0.00
Chloe SandovalSPTChapman University0.00
Lorenz KimSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
OsvaldoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Karissa DeRousseauSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Edgar VargasSPTChapman University0.00
Kayla UemuraSPTChapman University0.00
JaniceSPTWest Coast University0.00
Veronica Javier SPTCSU Fresno0.00
Kristina LowrieSPTChapman University0.00
JessicaSPTChapman University0.00
Jocelyn HallSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Jessica ChellsenSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jeanette LosariaSPTChapman University0.00
Alec SaSPTChapman University0.00
Dylan McleanSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
EliSPTWest Coast University0.00
Danielle RaceSPTChapman University0.00
Kauwela NealSPTChapman University0.00
Maurine LambertSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Sami SharafSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Tanner SmithSPTChapman University0.00
Monica TolarSPTChapman University0.00
Victor FongSPTMount Saint Mary\'s University0.00
FaithSPTChapman University0.00
Kaleen ReidSPTChapman University0.00
Eric HoongSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
DianaSPTChapman University0.00
Emily SouthwellSPTWest Coast University0.00
Zoe WellsSPTChapman University0.00
AutumnSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
SaharSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Jessica McAleeSPTWest Coast University0.00
Samantha SteeleSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Keith YoungSPTChapman University0.00
Evanne ConleySPTChapman University0.00
Giovanni X VillanuevaSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Jonathan FernandezSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Alvs MondaresSPTSan Diego State University0.00
ElmerSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Riley KerrSPTChapman University0.00
Kristina WongSPTUniversity of the Pacific0.00
EstherSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Shelby MartinSPTChapman University0.00
Ashley BarclaySPTChapman University0.00
Rachel LeeSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Michelle NguyenSPTChapman University0.00
Julie VinhSPTChapman University0.00
Katrina CamusSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Matthew PosadasSPTChapman University0.00
Daniela CavalloSPTChapman University0.00
Thuy-Vi LeSPTChapman University0.00
MichelleSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Katie HittleSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Matthew WahSPTChapman University0.00
JakeSPTChapman University0.00
Lauren WitmerSPTChapman University0.00
JeremySPTWest Coast University0.00
Madeline HowardSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
carissa cadogan SPTChapman University0.00
Channing TurnerSPTChapman University0.00
Tambrie AwaiSPTChapman University0.00
GilenSPTWest Coast University0.00
Matthew SerranoSPTWest Coast University0.00
Ryan KirschenmannSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jasmin Diaz SPTChapman University0.00
Amr JarrahSPTChapman University0.00
Kelly KnowlesSPTChapman University0.00
FortpravaKisteSPTACollege of the Sequoias0.00
Anthony AltilioSPTWest Coast University0.00
Alyssa MorfordSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Delilah M ZimmermannSPTChapman University0.00
Nicholas HsuSPTChapman University0.00
Valeria AbarcaSPTChapman University0.00
Melanie BraundSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kathryn WalkerSPTChapman University0.00
Tonya MulkeySPTChapman University0.00
Danielle FongSPTWestern University0.00
Scott leeSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Hero ZhengSPTChapman University0.00
Amber KramerSPTChapman University0.00
Amanda LozanoSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Louann LamSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Evan GustavsenSPTChapman University0.00
Taryn HuibschSPTChapman University0.00
Kelly NguyenSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Vency LeungSPTChapman University0.00
Joseph LuoSPTChapman University0.00
Matthew ChingSPTWest Coast University0.00
Edwal PierreSPTWest Coast University0.00
Ryan HarperSPTChapman University0.00
Brianna StanselSPTChapman University0.00
Paige ArcieriSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Morgan ByrdSPTWest Coast University0.00
Cameron McCannSPTWest Coast University0.00
Salvador AbieraSPTChapman University0.00
Steven T DuSPTChapman University0.00
Christopher MilanoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Elliott ChiSPTChapman University0.00
Nicole AhoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Joshua HeinlySPTChapman University0.00
Stephan YangSPTChapman University0.00
Shannon YeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Michael YarishSPTWest Coast University0.00
Bettina NagySPTChapman University0.00
Baylor HoganSPTChapman University0.00
Griffin BaileySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
norman quachSPTChapman University0.00
Amanda MartinSPTChapman University0.00
Nicholas GarciaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
John Paul ChanSPTChapman University0.00
Darren EstesSPTChapman University0.00
Nicholas GarciaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Juliana BottingSPTChapman University0.00
Gilbert CasabarSPTChapman University0.00
Christina TerraccianoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Paulina BigosSPTSamuel Merritt University0.00
Sam SifferlinSPTChapman University0.00
Brenna LewmanSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jennah KarmaliSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jackie AsherSPTChapman University0.00
Natalie AcevesSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jensen IshidaSPTWest Coast University0.00
sara schendelSPTWest Coast University0.00
Wilson TranSPTChapman University0.00
Jennifer NorrisSPTWest Coast University0.00
Laura GonzalezSPTChapman University0.00
Megan BelchamberSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Caleb EbbetsSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kevin TaylorSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jason TareshSPTWest Coast University0.00
Michael VuongSPTChapman University0.00
Sydney StuberSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jerald PreySPTWest Coast University0.00
Hailey JacksonSPTChapman University0.00
Jessica TulliusSPTWest Coast University0.00
Hana JamesSPTChapman University0.00
Tanya KhourySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Farha SamaanSPTWest Coast University0.00
Irina WinquistSPTChapman University0.00
Jacob Henry JaffeSPTChapman University0.00
Stephanie YouldassisSPTWest Coast University0.00
Joe Hernandez-RenteriaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Mitchell Garrido-LeccaSPTChapman University0.00
Abraham YiSPTChapman University0.00
Jacqueline ArmstrongSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Robert BoylesSPTWest Coast University0.00
Ryan GuzmanSPTChapman University0.00
Shawn YoshidaSPTChapman University0.00
Freddy RuizSPTSan Diego State University0.00
abraham sanchezSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jing YoungSPTChapman University0.00
Jackie BordessaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jessica DiabSPTWest Coast University0.00
Nicole AmaroSPTChapman University0.00
Vinson TanSPTChapman University0.00
Christopher CarterSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jacob CastersenSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Cynthia MedinaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Zachary ZungriSPTChapman University0.00
Khang LaiSPTChapman University0.00
Paige GardnerSPTWest Coast University0.00
Zoe MiddlebrooksSPTChapman University0.00
Charles OnizukaSPTChapman University0.00
Ryan ManuelSPTWest Coast University0.00
Sawyer AlmasiSPTChapman University0.00
Kyu LeeSPTChapman University0.00
Devan StilesSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Brandon PascualSPTWest Coast University0.00
Bryan KhalilSPTChapman University0.00
Alex KeuilianSPTChapman University0.00
Dabbie PanSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Adi Blaj SPTWest Coast University0.00
Tony PhanSPTChapman University0.00
Henry CheongSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Stacy NguyenSPTWest Coast University0.00
Brian BanhSPTChapman University0.00
Jonathan OkadaSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
George RyuSPTWest Coast University0.00
Ross sugiyamaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Tambrie AwaiSPTChapman University0.00
Jasmine MariscalSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Lina IbarraSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Wesley ScottSPTChapman University0.00
Ryan FukunagaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Amanda GonSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Phu OngSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Justin PanzardiSPTWest Coast University0.00
Timothy NovomSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Don HoangSPTChapman University0.00
Mariah StevensSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Danielle SouleSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jesse GrullonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Chris StrainSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Spencer TruongSPTWest Coast University0.00
David DellaserraSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jonathan TamSPTChapman University0.00
Caitlyn CanfieldSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Leann NakamuraSPTWest Coast University0.00
Brittany AtkinsSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Yagnesh DesaiSPTChapman University0.00
Karen BlekhSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Kirstyn NambaSPTChapman University0.00
Jesse OsbornSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Casey ConnerSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Kelly MeggsSPTChapman University0.00
Kevin CareySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Rebecca KoppelSPTChapman University0.00
Mariafernanda MunozSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Derek HermannSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kendall PercichSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Julia ArvanitesSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Michael AndersonSPTChapman University0.00
Derek chiuSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Alvin LiSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jennifer NorrisSPTWest Coast University0.00
David PhuSPTChapman University0.00
Jessica LeuSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Amanda BuxtonSPTWest Coast University0.00
Sean TeshimaSPTChapman University0.00
Gourgen NikoghosyanSPTWest Coast University0.00
Larry OakesSPTChapman University0.00
Dane VoelkerSPTWest Coast University0.00
Lesley RiveraSPTChapman University0.00
Rhogelyn EspinoSPTChapman University0.00
Matthew MakiSPTChapman University0.00
Derick TomSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
CpkesViorpSPTACSU Long Beach0.00
Rachael SturtevantSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Barbara Nicole RobertsSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
ChareViorpSPTASacramento City College0.00
Mike SandovalSPTChapman University0.00
Celeste KimSPTChapman University0.00
Janelle VillanuevaSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
ShawnPripsSPTASacramento City College0.00
Michael NaritaSPTChapman University0.00
Kari SilveiraSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jensen TsurudaSPTChapman University0.00
Sheila JonesSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Kristyn PetracekSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessica Ana RodilSPTChapman University0.00
Jeremy YeeSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Lindsey FischerSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Carolina VelizSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kalehua KatagiriSPTChapman University0.00
Elizabeth RosenthalSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Brandon PascualSPTWest Coast University0.00
Tyler HofsteeSPTChapman University0.00
Caleb StrassbergSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Raquel ArceSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Phillip LeeSPTChapman University0.00
Mason HearnSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Karis Wong-WeinriebSPTChapman University0.00
Samuel HaSPTChapman University0.00
Lauren UnionSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Darren SolanoSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Megan CabralesSPTChapman University0.00
DJ GreenSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Cesar ValenzuelaSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Masato KobayashiSPTWestern University0.00
Nicole Sevillano-VicarioSPTChapman University0.00
Alexander ReinfeldtSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Mary Grace RecafrenteSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Jonathan TamSPTChapman University0.00
Maya KochiyamaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Brianna BrooskinSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jessica PhungSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Margaret ChengSPTChapman University0.00
Brittany BoeselSPTChapman University0.00
Taylor HumeckySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Dabbie PanSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Jonathan TamSPTChapman University0.00
Marina KochanzhiSPTSamuel Merritt University0.00
Jaime ZinnSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Daniel TashmanSPTWest Coast University0.00
Diana LeSPTChapman University0.00
Patrick HuangSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Amanda Al-SheikhSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jason TareshSPTWest Coast University0.00
Wyatt WoodwardSPTChapman University0.00
Kate KevorkenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Allison GranzellaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Stephanie WilliamsSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Emily QuizonSPTChapman University0.00
Sydney Butler-TerrySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jordan StoeverSPTMount Saint Mary0.00
Roneisha JoynerSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Tyler A SmithSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Roneil UrbinoSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Kendra SinSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jacqueline VincentSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Stephanie AudishSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Natalie DibSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Brittany DoughertySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Timothy LacernaSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Erin BondSPTChapman University0.00
Jessica FellowSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Paige KettenburgSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Sinmen (Sim) TseSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Alexander ChanSPTChapman University0.00
Jordan TsaiSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Brittany LombardiSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Kieran FasenmyerSPTSan Diego State University0.00
PriscillaSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Lisa BaekSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Maya AyalaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Gabriela WhiteSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Wayland HuangSPTChapman University0.00
Breanna BlancherSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Nicholas RoundsSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Vu TangSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
AnnieSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Coryann LedfordSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Isiah PulidoSPTACerritos College0.00
SeanSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Courtney TurnerSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Nick pasadisSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Trina JensenSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
NicholasSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Emily CarperSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Garrett BarrSPTSan Diego State University0.00
EstebanSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Jake FellowSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Ryan KirschenmannSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Paige StephensSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Tina NguyenSPTSan Diego State University0.00
SamSPTChapman University0.00
Amy MorganSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jacqueline BordessaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Kevin StrangewaySPTChapman University0.00
ChristopherSPTChapman University0.00
Kayla WilcoxSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
ChristinaSPTLoma Linda University (DPT)0.00
Candace EdwardsSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Janvi RaichuraSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Karen GeorgeSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
CaseySPTChapman University0.00
Taylor EllisSPTChapman University0.00
LindseySPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Lily BollingerSPTChapman University0.00
Alexis AlcarazSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Lydia Van HoffSPTChapman University0.00
Don HoangSPTChapman University0.00
Sarah ShawSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Caitlin PerrySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Brenda YoungSPTChapman University0.00
RyanSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Lauren CollinsSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Matthew FriedmanSPTSan Diego State University0.00
KatrinaSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
PavelSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Jason SchleiferSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Francisco CastroSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
CatherineSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Marisa AbeggSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Pamela MarcheseSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Sophia ShlosmanSPTChapman University0.00
NoahSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Caitlin KempSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Rylan WillisSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Danny TruongSPTChapman University0.00
KaimiSPTChapman University0.00
Raelynn QuiambaoSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Kelly SurrattSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Erin MortonSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
AlexSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Ariana MiddlemanSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jessica ChellsenSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Karen WongSPTChapman University0.00
EricSPTChapman University0.00
Ethan MorganSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Mark PradoSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Inbal SarigSPTChapman University0.00
DelaneySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Sloane RoeserSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Esther ChiouSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Afsheen MostafazadehSPTChapman University0.00
Samantha StackSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Randy HillSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Sung Jay KimSPTChapman University0.00
StacySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Mollie BaileySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Adam BarnardSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jason AgdinaoaySPTChapman University0.00
JordanSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Andrew StewartSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Rose ChangSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Casey MaskellSPTChapman University0.00
Alexis SepulvedaSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
Katherine AnschuetzSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jeffrey HataiSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Enoch TengSPTChapman University0.00
BenjaminSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Matthew HemphillSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Janelyn Jade YoungSPTCSU Fresno0.00
BreanaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Rachel De Los SantosSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Madeline MurphySPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Alyson HuberSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Spencer ChinSPTChapman University0.00
NicoleSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Sydney StromSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jack ChenSPTCSU Fresno0.00
pablo coronadoSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
MatthewSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Emily CohenSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Nicole MillerSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Nicole CopeSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Daniel MaSPTChapman University0.00
Becky BlandSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Christine LopezSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Tyler MorandoSPTChapman University0.00
Kelly ClaireSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Tanner HendrickSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Randy FanSPTChapman University0.00
Ali WalkerSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Hannah RamirezSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Kay KovitprakornkulSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
LeonardSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Bradley TiradorSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Sarah parkerSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Sarah BanksSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Maggie LeeSPTWestern University0.00
AllisonSPTASan Diego State University0.00
Jeanine Mcdonell SPTCSU Northridge0.00
Diane KwonSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Ashley HoSPTWestern University0.00
SusanSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Mason RiveraSPTCSU Fresno0.00
suzanne wenSPTWestern University0.00
Jasmine RiosSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Marisa BecerraSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Shane ZuikerSPTSan Diego State University0.00
EmilySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jaclyn RymerSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Noelle TarazonaSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jamie LoweSPTWestern University0.00
AlyssaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Carolyn ChanSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Lisa AllettoSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Dana KanemaruSPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Allison LowSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Kenny TsangSPTChapman University0.00
Alyssa CabriSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Garrett BarrSPTSan Diego State University0.00
JosephSPTSan Diego State University0.00
James McAfeeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Hillary ScordalakesSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Matt FriedmanSPTSan Diego State University0.00
MeganSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Ashley HuieSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Kathleen GorkiewiczSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jonathan FongSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Liza SutterbySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Austin DausSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Mich HamlinSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
KimberlySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Kari AyoobSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Lindsay GatelySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Samantha MendozaSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jennifer CarmelSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Ngoc PhamSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Judy ZhouSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Mona EslamianSPTMount Saint Mary's University0.00
Jamison F JordanSPTMount Saint Mary0.00
Cassidy HingSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Lei LeeSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
SantiagoSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Gail Suchoknand SkoropadSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessica HarrisSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Michelle AlessandraSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
ToddSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Myraelen AguilarSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jacklyn NguyenSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
CharlotteSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Kathryn RansoneSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Justin AndersonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Danielle PostmaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Garrett MasadaSPTWestern University0.00
Conor UhlirSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jacob BerardSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Rachael WongSPTUniversity of the Pacific0.00
Kari KretchSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Maggie RidenhourSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Ludmila MalakhovSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kevin InnisSPTWestern University0.00
StacySPTSan Diego State University0.00
Ryan GraySPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Lor-Shing HsuSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Rachelle RhodesSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Debbie LinSPTWest Coast University0.00
Allenmar SicsicSPTWestern University0.00
Marisa AguilarSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Amy MoffetSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Codi BriscoeSPTWest Coast University0.00
Hanieh AmoozegarSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Yemisi OgundeSPTWestern University0.00
Jenna FrazerSPTWest Coast University0.00
TravisSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Ana AriasSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Cliff SnyderSPTWestern University0.00
Lydia PasternakSPTWest Coast University0.00
KristaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Christopher AsplundSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
rosalie sanchezSPTWestern University0.00
Tyler BacaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jamie LoweSPTWestern University0.00
Ralph MaravillaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Brett BallesterosSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Rachel De Los santosSPTSan Diego State University0.00
David ParkSPTWest Coast University0.00
Sonia BerezovskySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Chris HillSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Mandy OwensSPTWest Coast University0.00
KamrenSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Susan BoehlSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kristen ChinSPTWestern University0.00
Tyler KistSPTWest Coast University0.00
StephanieSPTChapman University0.00
Megan ComparanSPTCSU Fresno0.00
CHRISTOPHER R FLOYDSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Samantha BaydalineSPTWest Coast University0.00
MasonSPTChapman University0.00
Brian O'MearaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Melanie NiinoSPTCSU Fresno0.00
David TaylorSPTWest Coast University0.00
BrianSPTChapman University0.00
Bernice ShiaSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Jeremiah CasinoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jayson GreenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Liliya SheshukovaSPTWest Coast University0.00
VernieSPTChapman University0.00
Connie ChanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Daniel FoxSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Heba ElsherifSPTWest Coast University0.00
NicholasSPTChapman University0.00
Andrew ChangSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Melanie MahSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Ashton HensleySPTWest Coast University0.00
kyleSPTChapman University0.00
Taney ChauSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Katelyn LealSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Gabriel LozaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Chandra SandersSPTWestern University0.00
Adrian ChavezSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Edward LindSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
WilliamSPTWest Coast University0.00
Emi PuzoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jack LancasterSPTWest Coast University0.00
BrynnSPTChapman University0.00
Sophia KanakarisSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Jessica Maye MangilitSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Breanne GasconSPTWest Coast University0.00
DanielSPTChapman University0.00
Jamie StekerSPTWest Coast University0.00
Eva CiccodicolaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Ariel GallopSPTWest Coast University0.00
Sharleen Sarmiento MarianoSPTWest Coast University0.00
MarkSPTChapman University0.00
Jose Elias AlisasisSPTWest Coast University0.00
Andrew ColeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Giselle CaymeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Deimzon SySPTWest Coast University0.00
HainingSPTChapman University0.00
Steven NguyenSPTWest Coast University0.00
Katia CorreaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Theresa SerranoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Stepan MkrtchyanSPTWest Coast University0.00
MichelleSPTChapman University0.00
HaigSPTWest Coast University0.00
Scott DickensonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Amanda PettasSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jan-Bernard AquinoSPTWest Coast University0.00
JerrySPTChapman University0.00
Tomohiro YamaguchiSPTWest Coast University0.00
Brad DiMaggioSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Autumn Only A ChiefSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Henry VuongSPTWest Coast University0.00
JadeSPTChapman University0.00
Travis SiapnoSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jamielu DominguezSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Celina CaovanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Ardavan MakaremiSPTWest Coast University0.00
Alfonso FelixSPTChapman University0.00
William RoblesSPTWest Coast University0.00
Melissa DooleySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Cristina KingSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Rachel RodriguezSPTWest Coast University0.00
R. Aly PomerantzSPTWest Coast University0.00
Taryn El BayarSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Dennis EvansSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Melanie ShinnoSPTWest Coast University0.00
KyleSPTChapman University0.00
Kaley MarcinakSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jacob EustaquioSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Carole GongSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Danielle LuSPTWest Coast University0.00
MirandaSPTChapman University0.00
Ashley SkrbecSPTWest Coast University0.00
Chelsea FanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
IsaqueSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Lalageh YaghoubiSPTWest Coast University0.00
MarkSPTChapman University0.00
Ellen LeonSPTWest Coast University0.00
Graham GageSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Chazmine DonadoSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Grayson OrokeSPTWest Coast University0.00
Edwal PierreSPTWest Coast University0.00
Rey GarciaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Megan VierSPTWest Coast University0.00
ChristopherSPTChapman University0.00
Nicole GobreialSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessie RosalesSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Annemarie WilkoszSPTWest Coast University0.00
ErikSPTChapman University0.00
Rachel w MuyaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Rebecca GoldSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Gerardo RiosSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kristen KubalaSPTWest Coast University0.00
JamieSPTChapman University0.00
Ethan QuinnellSPTWest Coast University0.00
Corinne HieattSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Alexis PfeilSPTWest Coast University0.00
Bradley RehderSPTWest Coast University0.00
SimonSPTChapman University0.00
Katie RuizSPTWest Coast University0.00
Vincent HoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kira LuzzoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Katie BlumSPTWest Coast University0.00
RichardSPTChapman University0.00
Vincent HuynhSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessica KlopfensteinSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
KIM HOANG TRUONGSPTWest Coast University0.00
Truc-GiangSPTChapman University0.00
Corey LinSPTWest Coast University0.00
Charles JohansenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Annie DaoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kendall IversonSPTWest Coast University0.00
WilfordSPTChapman University0.00
Audrey KarinSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Christine InouyeSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kristina KamSPTWest Coast University0.00
SarahSPTChapman University0.00
Bryan MortimerSPTWest Coast University0.00
Anh KieuSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Derek HansenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Brendan WooSPTWest Coast University0.00
annaliseSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Cristina PerilloSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kelli KobayashiSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Michelle MetevierSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Justine Ann RosardaSPTWest Coast University0.00
Nick CrooksSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kristin PhamSPTWest Coast University0.00
Trevor KovacsSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Sophia HanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kimberly NakamuraSPTWest Coast University0.00
RobertPASPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Ryan MilitzerSPTWest Coast University0.00
Alain ZambranoSPTWest Coast University0.00
Alexis KreslSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Chase HooperSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Madeline JohnsonSPTWest Coast University0.00
Mileva PopovicSPTWest Coast University0.00
Erika LarkSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jazmin Lomeli RamirezSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Alexa PerroneSPTWest Coast University0.00
TimothySPTWestern University0.00
Rogelio AguirreSPTWest Coast University0.00
Melinda LauSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Justin LemoineSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Miranda SwansonSPTWest Coast University0.00
LaurenSPTWestern University0.00
Marina KobylnikSPTWest Coast University0.00
Yuheng LiSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Tyler KistSPTWest Coast University0.00
Stephanie LozanoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jessica GoytizoloSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Stephanie McGruderSPTWest Coast University0.00
Harrison MaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Erika SetoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Krista LumSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Suneth AttygalleSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Veronica VazquezSPTWest Coast University0.00
Raymond MellingerSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Nina MasSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Mary LehnenSPTUniversity of the Pacific0.00
Jacob MoyerSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Aryana CarvalhoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Wendy AuyoungSPTUniversity of the Pacific0.00
StaceySPTCSU Long Beach0.00
Jesse NgSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Derrick PoonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kayley BorgesSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
LaurenSPTWestern University0.00
Jill BurkhardSPTWest Coast University0.00
Jessica NguyenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Marland BrowningSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Carlos AmezcuaSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Karina OrtizSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Abraham SanchezSPTWest Coast University0.00
Aaron HiedemanSPTWestern University0.00
Dustin KunzSPTWest Coast University0.00
Kevin PetersonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Karina PaonessaSPTWest Coast University0.00
JasmineSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
Heather CoulterSPTWest Coast University0.00
Nicholas PlimptonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Reman RejabSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Emily HarveySPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
TaraSPTWestern University0.00
Christopher BostwickSPTWest Coast University0.00
Danae LongSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00
EmmaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Nicholas RitterSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Milena PopovicSPTWest Coast University0.00
LianSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Mike LopesSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Angad SandhuSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Vanessa MarroquinSPTWest Coast University0.00
KellySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Taryn YamagamiSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Nicole SaulovichSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Alexander CosseySPTWest Coast University0.00
Kristy SketerisSPTWestern University0.00
AndreaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Erik MurataSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Brain ShawSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Christopher ZhuSPTWest Coast University0.00
Natalie OliverSPTWestern University0.00
AlbertoSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jacklyn TaylorSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Jacqueline DagostinoSPTWest Coast University0.00
Yi ShengSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Lassette GonzalesSPTWest Coast University0.00
Paul NguyenSPTWestern University0.00
GregSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Sean GoetzlSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Anna SuskinSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Samantha KnudsenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Monique LamSPTWestern University0.00
ArjunSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kris HaycockSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Steven CabralesSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Laura SwanSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Kelly JarrettSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Taylor HumeckySPTSan Diego State University0.00
CelinaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jason SchleiferSPTCSU Fresno0.00
David TangSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Joseph GarciaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
KeairezSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Nylah HazardSPTUCSF/SFSU0.00
Laura TeasleySPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Hovsep AsatryanSPTWest Coast University0.00
Teisha BandaSPTWestern University0.00
NatalieSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Allan TorresSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Jayson GreenSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Paula Bergwall-SparrgroveSPTASan Diego Mesa College0.00
EdwardSPTAzusa Pacific0.00
Theodore OliverSPTCSU Fresno0.00
Trevor AlthausSPTWest Coast University0.00
Todd TurnerSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Vivian ChowSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Chad RochaSPTSan Diego State University0.00
Taylor ValenzaSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Alisa KokanoutranonSPTUniversity of Southern California0.00
Naureen ImamSPTUniversity of St. Augustine0.00