CA Outreach Challenge

Physical Therapy Students Impacting their Community!

April 2017 Student Spotlight

For the final spotlight of the 2016-17 California Outreach Challenge we asked the California Student SIG Community Service Committee one question – Why Is Community Service Important to You? Here is what they had to say.

Matt Headshot

Matthew Downey, CSU Long Beach:

Service is humbling. Service is kindness. Service can force you out of your comfort zone. Service is a way to connect with members of our local community. And ultimately service is a lifestyle. As future members of the future physical therapy community we are preparing to enter a compassionate and giving profession, and being involved with community service helps prepare us for what’s ahead.


Diana Headshot

Diana Wang, University of the Pacific:

Service is important to me because it gives us the opportunity to give back to the communities that contributed to our growth as students, future therapists, and as people. It’s important to recognize your roots, and help those who are not as fortunate as we are.


Megan Headshot

Megan Romero, San Diego State University:

Community service to me means coming together to help others. Participating in community service while in PT school has brought the profession to life. You are able to work with a variety of different populations, apply the skills you have been learning and provide a service to someone who may not otherwise get the chance. Some of my favorite volunteer opportunities have been helping adaptive athletes surf again with Life Rolls On, helping amputees with new running prosthetics learn to run at the mobility clinic put on by the Challenged Athletes Foundation and providing pro bono injury screens to less privileged high school athletes. Whether I am cheering people on at marathons, filling water cups, helping at fundraisers, or promoting physical therapy to the local community, I have found that donating my time is always worth it. I have met so many awesome people in the community, local clinicians, other students, and made great connections that keep me excited to become a Physical Therapist!

Janelle Headshot

Janelle Mangahas, CSU Long Beach:

Service is important to me because it is a reminder to myself of why I chose to pursue physical therapy – to help others and connect with them. It’s easy to lose sight of your purpose when you’re constantly bogged down by assignments and tests, but volunteering has helped me to stay focused and motivated. I love the sense of community and being able to positively impact others. Volunteering is also super fun and I encourage everyone to get involved in their community!

Henry Headshot

Henry Mu, CSU Long Beach:

Service is important to me because it exposes me to activities and people I would never have experienced or met otherwise. The people I meet are usually super friendly and interesting. It’s about learning new things and expanding my horizons.

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