CA Outreach Challenge

Physical Therapy Students Impacting their Community!

November 2016 Student Spotlight


Name: Charlotte Bryan

Program: San Diego Mesa Physical Therapist Assistant

Graduation Date: May 2017

What is/are your favorite service events and why?

Events that encourage awareness and provide opportunities for participation. Seeing someone do something they may not have been able to do on their own, and when they actually do that thing, the joy and excitement on their faces is incredible. To share in that experience is amazing.


Has service helped you grow as a person or clinician? If so, how?

Seeing many different diagnoses and how they all present individually to the person. There are so many variations and how each person deals with their diagnosis is different. This gives you a larger base to relate to when assisting patients.


Why is service important to you?

I feel it is important to reach out and share. As you provide service, you get so much in return. I feel it gives you balance and understanding that carries over not only into your profession but your personal life as well.

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Anything else you want to add?

I enjoy volunteering on many fronts and will continue to incorporate it in my life.


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